Thursday, April 11, 2013

Post-it Cra Cra!!

I love Post-its!!!  You can stick them to any surface and they make them is such cute styles and colors these days.  I love finding them in the Dollar Tree.  The other day while lost in the land of printables I found someone who shared my love, Mayi Carles from heartmade.    On her site I found this great way to organize my notes and to do list. 

Right now it is hanging on the mirrored sliding door from the closet in my studio/office.  Like a post it I am sure I will move it.  I love that I can move the notes around as my crazy life deems necessary.

Do you like the posts its?  Got them from her site too!

All you do is down load the template and print it then attach blank postits to the sheet and print it again.  Cute huh?

Find the daily Post-It prioritizer here and the Post-It here.  Check out her whole blog.  It is full of amazing things.

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